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Dave Pratt Live

LIVE WEEKDAYS at 9am!  And on DEMAND 24/7.  Listen now!

Image Home Improvement

[Saturdays at 8am] Hosted by Steve Deubel. Remodeling, Landscaping, Home Design, and More!


Tuesdays at 12pm on DEMAND 24/7. Talk. We're Listening with Heidi Foglesong

Your Car Insiders

(Saturdays at 10am)  Consumer Advocates/Auto Industry Experts Call Gary at (602) 525-1370 and Dana at (602) 317-8565

The Empowerment Team

[Saturdays at 2pm] An inspirational hour of common sense information to empower your life. Hosted by broadcast veteran Mark Lewis and…

The Living Room

[Fridays at Noon]  Exploring the Mystery We Call God.  With Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith, and "the not-so reverent"…

Living the Luxurious Life

[Tuesdays at 3pm]  Every week, host Kris Anderson brings you the finer things in life!


(Tuesdays 7AM) Sports Talk with Mark Asher.  Unfiltered and unbiased opinions for the intelligent and passionate sports fan

The Solar Express

(Thursdays at 2PM)   What you really need to know about saving on your energy bill is right here with Arizona Clean Energy. …

Money and the Law

[Mondays at 4pm] Quality legal advice for business, owners, and more.

Caswells Shooting Show

(Fridays at 4PM)  Paul Abela will feature gun talk, shooting, training, safety and fun from the East Valley’s premiere air…

Whats Wrong

[Saturdays at 12pm] Can exploring and educating on psychological challenges be entertaining?  You bet!  And with a licensed…

Streams in the Desert LIVE!

[Wed at 4pm]  Where we look at the Headlines of our Daily News in light of Bible Prophecy

The Nonprofit Journal

(Monday's 1pm) Know the Report ~ before you Support


(Friday's 1pm) A show dedicated to providing its followers with top level insight from leaders in Insurance, Banking, Mortgage, Real Estate and Finance

Man Up And Lead

(Mondays 8PM) Encouraging Men to Man Up and Lead their family, Discover TOGETHER how to earn a REAL "Man Card".


[Thursdays at Noon] Sharing the sisterhood of Motherhood! 

The Pastor of Pump

Fridays 2PM Since you only go around once in life, you might as well go around with really big biceps.   If he can’t…

The Arizona Cocktail Hour


Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome®

(Tuesdays 11 am) Patty Azar is ‘The Value Advocate for Professional Women’.  Join Patty as she provides women the…

The Real Deal

(Wednesdays 5pm) We Are All In — Splashing the Pot with Name-Change Scams and Real Talk About the U.S. and Indian Country

Business Explosion with Sgt Chuck

(Mondays 10AM) Explode your sales and profits! Cutting edge tactics for more leads and more profits…

The Josh Bernstein Show

(Tuesdays's at  2pm)  Unlike mainstream media, Josh covers the news and issues affecting our nation with truth, honesty,…

Bad Business Bryan Laurel and Melissa Epstein

THURSDAYS 4PM  Brilliant and Bonehead moves by businesses and the lessons to be learned from both!

Freedom Quest America Radio

(Wednesday's 12pm) Training a new generation of educated passionate voters and leaders who will rise up and "Take Back America"…

Answer Cancer 5t1g

(Thursdays 12pm)Answer Cancer   We Hate Cancer!  An alternative way to fighting Cancer with Jim and Sharon…

The Knuckleball Network

(Wed at 2pm) The No Spin Doctor", armed with a PhD in Flutter-ology. Just try to catch it! With Coach Weymo, "

David at the Snack Bar

[Friday Mornings] Arizona Movie Critic David Ramsey delivers new movie reviews for the weekend!

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Are you the next Doublewide Network worldwide host?  You can host your show right here from anywhere in the world!

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